Free Bungee Jumping On Brick Lane

Not the first crane to appear near Brick Lane.

A bungee crane will be towering over Brick Lane this Sunday (23 September), offering free bungee jumps for anyone brave enough. The scheme is to promote the release of new video game Borderlands 2, which, we’re told involves similar acts of death defiance and screaming, only with more guns and stuff.

You’ll find the crane in Ely’s Yard, within the Truman Brewery complex, between 10am and 4pm. Those who do the jump stand…or, more accurately, fall…to win a copy of the game.

The area is becoming something of a playground for daring sports enthusiasts who also like PR stunts. Earlier this month, Walkers set up Britain’s tallest fake outdoor climbing wall. The nearby Broadgate complex has seen inner-city surfing, and hot air balloons promoting The Cloud. Whatever next? Zorbing down the Shard?

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  • Henrybob

    Can’t wait to Faceplant Brick Lane!

  • James

    I thought that restaurant sign said ‘jailbait’ and was going to go along.

    • Jason

      yeah! Cause statutory rape is so funny isn’t it James!

  • Toby

    This is amazing – I’m not sure if I’m more excited about the jump or the game

  • AutoComparison

    Definitely going to take a look! Don’t know about the jump!