Olympics Tweets Will Decide Colour Of London Eye

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 71 months ago
Olympics Tweets Will Decide Colour Of London Eye

What Britain thinks of the Olympics will determine the colour of the London Eye from tonight to the closing ceremony.

Every day, an analysis will be made of tweets featuring certain keywords (like Olympics, London 2012, athletes, sports) and accompanying sentiments (e.g. excellent, brilliant, crap, fail – they even say they've added totes amazeballs to the dictionary – emoticons and punctuation, so watch your !!!!'s) which will determine a ratio of positive to negative. Mainly good: the Eye will be yellow. Mainly bad: the eye will be purple. Mainly neutral: green.

There'll be a half hour light show from 9pm that indicates the percentage as well as general mood. If Team GB win a medal, the Union Jack will be represented in the light show, too. It's from Olympics mega-sponsor EDF, whose cartoon mascot (what is it supposed to be? It looks like a poo. It can't be a poo) is as odd and faintly disturbing as the Games's own.

Incidentally: the country is currently 64% positive, with Leeds the most positive place. London isn't even making it into the top ten.

Last Updated 19 July 2012

Florentine and Pig

Well this IS interesting! We, incidentally, CAN'T WAIT!! Whoooosh! Yellow yellow yellow!


As we are going to lose the use of our city for the duration and then pay for it for the rest of our lives, is it surprising that we Londoners are less enthusiastic about this outdoor festival of corruption and drug taking? The press sneers at G4S's contract miscalculation (for which its shareholders will pay) but nobody notices the extent of the government's cost overruns (for which we will pay). Unlike Beijingers, we didn't even get privileged access to tickets.

Is it definitely too late to let the Parisians have it?


The poo is a “keepon” http://beatbots.net/project/zi...


They even have an app on their Facebook page that measures your positivity! It is really impressive!  https://www.facebook.com/edfen...

Bran Deditems

Oh, how nice! The Eye of Horus being worshipped again, I thought I had seen this before. Illuminati is in the house!


They should do it based on location - whenever it was London it would be a suffusion of purple