London Fields Lido Scared Of A Little Rain?

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 112 months ago
London Fields Lido Scared Of A Little Rain?

1003_lido.jpg "Too wet to swim!" is the accusation that the Standard has slapped on London Fields lido. They're referring to health & safety measures that, the newspaper claims, direct staff to close the pool in the event of precipitation. A ridiculous notion, one that the "London cheerleader" makes light of, so it's lucky that there's very little truth to it. In actual fact, the story stems from just a single incident, when visitors were told that if already heavy rainfall turned torrential, thus impeding the lifeguard from seeing properly, the pool would be shut. It never came to pass, as the rain shortly stopped. The message here? Bashing our often draconian safety laws may be a good sport, but in our increasingly litigious society, the same bashers would be the first to call the no-win no-fee lawyers if some tragedy occurred because the lifeguard couldn't see three feet in front of him. (Photo / DanMud)

Last Updated 10 March 2009

Tanya Jones

Hear hear! H&S bashing is hardly ever based on real facts.