Introducing...My Neighbourhoods

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Introducing...My Neighbourhoods

Yesterday we told you about the new stuff going on at the top of the page, today we celebrate our sidebar. Can you contain your excitement?

Well, we’ve basically had a bit of a tidy up, and added a Partners area. Partners are other websites that we have a close link with – like staunch friends The Way We See It and Nestoria.

But there’s a new one. It’s called My Neighbourhoods and you’ll find it on the left skulking beneath that shiny red button. Click to unleash.

My Neighbourhoods is all about the very local. What’s going on in your postcode area? Who are your neighbours? Where can you find parking nearby? How can you make a difference on crime? This growing community now has a page on Londonist, where you can find out more, and browse new members. Like all social networks, it gets more useful the more people join. So go find out who’s already signed up from your ‘hood. Curtain twitching just moved into the 21st Century.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, we smudged the postcode in the image to stop you coming round and stealing our laundry. We know what you’re like.

Last Updated 27 June 2007


You may want to smudge the second appearance of the postcode as well (in the left-hand tab).


But M@, everyone knows your postcode is NW6 4SY.
If you'd copied the links, we could have had a map too.

Better get your washing in sharpish.

diamond geezer

As a resident of East London (E3), I'm really enjoying the very local information provided by "My Neighbourhoods".

"Local" photographs of California and the Cotswolds.

"Local" events in Paddington and Stoke Newington.

"Local" jobs in south and southwest London.

"Local" news in Weymouth and Switzerland.

Still, like you say, it can only get more useful.


Sorry kids, but it's a bit rubbish - they're just pulling in data from a few other services (Nestoria/Eventful/Flickr etc.) and showing you the result for your postcode. The cheesy pic of sexy girl with laptop on the homepage just seals it.

And who the hell thought that a social network for your actual neighbours was a good idea?


Thanks for the comments on the My Neighbourhoods site. The "My area" section is something we are continuing to trial and work on so some of the bugs where the information is not quite local will improve over the coming months. We've purposefully displayed some of the content (events, news, jobs) for your entire city as many people don't just stick to their neighbourhood when it comes to socialising or finding a job.

The site is primarily aimed at providing a means of communicating for neighbours, should they want to and the number of people we have signed up so far suggests some people are keen to do so. We are also described as a mashup, hence the reason we have pulled in content that's useful from other sources.

We'll certainly be taking some of these comments on board and making changes where necessary. Starting with the cheesy pic of the girl, a few people have mentioned that one.

Best regards,

My Neighbourhoods


No, keep the girl!