Hey, We Have A Forum

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Hey, We Have A Forum

Look, there it is. At the top of the page, on the right. (Unless you’re using RSS, of course.) To join in, you’ll have to register, which took us just 23 seconds. Why not make a game of it, and see if you can break our record. Go on, it’s fun.

Registering also lets you use the new commenting system Gothamist have developed for us. Registration helps us guard against spam, and also allows you to build up your own profile page, should you want to. We’re a little fatigued with filling in profiles all over the web too, so we’ll understand if you can’t be arsed. But if you would like to do this, it will make us smile. And when we’re smiling, we’re generally writing better blog posts. So everyone’s a winner really. We might even offer a little prize to whoever can make us smile biggest, by using the most hilarious signature. And we won’t use your details for anything evil. Well, not yet anyway. But you never know what policies future regimes might adopt.

The forum is currently barren. Naturally. It’s only been there a few days, and this is the first time we’ve mentioned it. Dip in, have a play, leave questions. Be a curmudgeon and say you hate it all and we should stick to blogging. Be the king of the curmudgeons and tell us, actually, we should stop blogging as well, and do something useful with our time, like trying out websites and leaving curmudgeonly comments.

Forums can be very exciting places. Community boards where you can start conversations, share your point of view and enlighten humankind.

Forums can be treacherous places, where your carefully considered thoughts and opinions get ripped to shreds by a braying mob of pedants.

Forums can be dusty, desolate places trodden only by the occasional spam robot or marketeer.

Which will ours be?

Last Updated 26 June 2007