What Not To Miss At The 2017 Vault Festival

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What Not To Miss At The 2017 Vault Festival

The fifth Vault Festival sees the popular theatrical beast turning hydra-headed, with even more arts events in the caverns beneath Waterloo station. And that's before the additional performances at nearby Network Theatre and Morley College.

Vault encourages the audience to embrace an open mind and dig deep. However, in a world of ever-increasing choices and decisions, here are some suggestions to steer you through six weeks of riches.

Week one (25-31 January): Gatsby and punk

Fran & Leni: following the 40th anniversary of punk, witness a tale of friendship between two women as they don guitars and become The Rips. £12, 25-29 January

The Great Gatsby: an immersive take on the novel performed across two levels and several spaces, audience members daring to interact the most will be highly rewarded. This show's selling out quick, so if you don't get a ticket for week one, look further ahead. From £26.75,  25 January-5 March

Week two (1-7 February): Hopeless love and sci-fi farce

A Hundred Different Words For Love

A Hundred Different Words For Love: Storytelling show with music and linguistic philosophy from the heart-broken James Rowland. £9, 1-5 February

The Starship Osiris: An arrogant theatre maker stars as the hero in his own badly written sci-fi, swiftly followed by his co-star's mutiny… £9, 1-5 February

Week three (8-14 February): Hartlepool astronauts and a psychedelic swarm

It's Tim Foley under there

Astronauts of Hartlepool: Brexit Britain can be a touchy subject. Luckily some otherworldly aspects should distract you in this piece by Channel 4 Playwright-in-Residence, Tim Foley. £9, 8-12 February

The Swarm: Join a displaced swarm of honey bees and their queen in this dynamic opera, written by Heloise Tunstall-Behrens of psychedelic rock band, Landshapes. £15, 8-12 February

Y Llyfrgell / The Library Suicides: An offbeat thriller movie set in the National Library of Wales, cast members include Catrin Stewart (Stella, Dr Who), Dyfan Dwfor (Pride, Y Gwyll/Hinterland) and Sharon Morgan (Resistance, Torchwood). £5, 11 February

Week four (15-21 February): Prom queens and motel workers

Prom Kween: For the first time in 'herstory' a boy is crowned the belle of the ball. Expect a LOT of sequins in this parody/homage to the American-High-School genre. Glee, if you like. £9, 15-19 February

Love Comes Later: The London premiere of Sonejuhi Sinha's film about an undocumented motel worker featuring Diane Guerrero (Orange Is The New Black) and Sarita Choudhury (Homeland). £5, 19 February

Week five (22-28 February): Fat Tuesday and the death of dance

A world where dancing is strictly forbidden

The End Of Dance: Fabric might be re-opening but the 'night-time industries' aren't out the woods yet. In fact in 2017 MPs have outlawed dancing altogether… £9, 22-26 February

Fat Tuesday: Kansas Smitty's and Shotgun Carousel throw a rousing, New Orleans-style Mardi Gras party. £13.75, 24-25 February

Week six: 27 February-5 March: Gambling and the secret services

All of Me

>taur_: If news stories are to be believed the secret services are on a recruitment drive… so don't be surprised if you get a job offer after this interactive maze-escape experience. £12, 1-5 March

All of Me: A dark comedy delving into the gambling addiction of one man. Along the way he attempts to unpack his loneliness, grief and struggle to cope. £9, 1-5 March

Tickets for Vault Festival 2017 are available from the website.

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