Ye Olde Mitre

Ye Olde Mitre

This pub features in Londonist's ebook of London pub crawls, and was voted as one of London's most unusual pubs by Londonist readers. It was also voted by Londonist readers as one of the top 10 'ye olde' pubs in London.

Often touted as the hardest pub in London to find, the Mitre can only be reached via a near invisible passage. This is a pub with some history. Its origins lay in the 16th century, when Queen Elizabeth I is said to have danced around a tree in its garden (which belonged to her favoured subject, Sir Christopher Hatton). The stump can still be seen in the outdoor annexe.

Until the late 20th century, the pub and surrounding land belonged to the Bishops of Ely. Technically, it was part of Cambridgeshire and subject to different bylaws to the surrounding streets. Urban myths arose that criminals could evade arrest by seeking sanctuary from the Metropolitan or City Police, who would be out of jurisdiction. Perhaps that's why dodgy diamond dealer Doug the Head uses it as his local in the Guy Ritchie film Snatch.

Criminals or law-faring types will find few better places to linger over a pint of Fuller's beer. The interior is a cramped but homely affair, with a pair of bars and a covered patio space. As with the nearby Lamb, head upstairs for a bit more room.


Pub Features

Beer garden

Address: 1 Ely Place London EC1N 6SJ


Monday: 11am-11pm

Tuesday: 11am-11pm

Wednesday: 11am-11pm

Thursday: 11am-11pm

Friday: 11am-11pm

Saturday: 11am-11pm

Sunday: CLOSED

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