The Footman

The Footman

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Previously named I Was The Only Running Footman, and then The Only Running Footman, this Mayfair mainstay appears to be running out of breath, now called simply The Footman. Pity really.  

The mildly intimidating front doors look like they'll admit you to someone's hallway, and if you're brave enough to try one you'll find a neatly presented modern pub, which doesn't look anything like the 270+ year-old that it is. It's a very pleasant drinking environment, so long as you catch it out-of-ours when it's not crowded. Two floors of dining rooms live above, where you can enjoy the Mayfair-priced fares.
Beer choice is limited and unexceptional but the wine list is epic (27 reds alone!). This is quality stuff and doesn't come cheap: the least expensive bottle is north of £30, while you could splash out a cool £300.
Needless to say, the place attracts the well-heeled. If you played a drinking game of having a swig every time a man in white trousers and blue shirt walks in, you won't stay sober for long. This is hedge fund central.

Address: 5 Charles Street W1J 5DF

Phone: 0207 499 2988

Fax: 0207 704 9388



Monday: 7.30am-11pm

Tuesday: 7.30am-11pm

Wednesday: 7.30am-11pm

Thursday: 7.30am-11pm

Friday: 7.30am-11pm

Saturday: 9.30am-11pm

Sunday: 9.30am-10pm

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