The Iron Duke

The Iron Duke

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The Iron Duke is named after the Duke of Wellington, and a distinct Wellington theme pervades the pub. Around the walls there are annual photos of the boys of Wellington College from the 1920s and thereabouts, with 98% of the school staff looking thoroughly disgruntled at the imposition. There are also various Wellington boots around the walls, and the upstairs function room is named the Boot Room.

As a Fullers pub, the beer selection rotates among the usual suspects and seasonal fare. The wine list is quite healthy and with a cheaper bar menu and more expensive standard menu there's plenty of food on offer. Overall it's very reasonably priced given the locale.

The L-shaped pub can get busy, particularly in the summer when the pavement outside is rammed with punters. A very solid competitor among the more rarified pubs of Mayfair, although if it's your last pub of a crawl beware of the queasy pale-green walls.


Pub Features

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Address: 11 Avery Row

Phone: 020 7629 1643



Monday: 11am-11pm

Tuesday: 11am-11pm

Wednesday: 11am-11pm

Thursday: 11am-11pm

Friday: 11am-11pm

Saturday: noon-11pm

Sunday: noon-6pm

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