Southwark Tavern

Southwark Tavern

Nice and cosy by day, humming with custom during the evening, the Southwark's a good all-rounder. It's perched on the edge of Borough Market, in the same busy row as the Wheatsheaf and Market Porter, with the famous George across the road. Yet it manages to eke out its own niche.

The main bar is curvy and modern, with Georgian touches to the decor. The beer range (six real ales when firing on all cylinders) gives some of the more famous pubs hereabouts a run for their money. Also, we love the music in this place — whoever puts the playlists together has a taste for chilled-out yet melancholy sounds. Perfect.

If you're after a quieter, more intimate space, head downstairs into the Debtor's bar, presumably a reference to the nearby Marshalsea Prison, made famous as a debtors' home in Little Dorrit.

Chalk board following the pubs closure in the June 2017 terror attack.

Address: 22 Southwark Street London SE1 1TU

Phone: 020 7403 0257



Monday: 11am-midnight

Tuesday: 11am-midnight

Wednesday: 11am-midnight

Thursday: 11am-midnight

Friday: 11am-midnight

Saturday: 11am-midnight

Sunday: Noon-Midnight

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