Alwyne Castle

Alwyne Castle

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Clearly some bar staff get sick of hanging out glasses of water to people when they should be concentrating on the important business of helping folk get drunk. The no-nonsense Alwyne Castle sidesteps such frippery with a water dispenser and glasses on the counter, so the staff are free to hang over drinks from their above-average wine list and solid (liquid?) selection of real ales.

The Alwyne Castle has had a well-needed update in the last few years and has replaced its former, slightly tired self with a modern, comfortable gastropub, and it continues to evolve. The dark green interior decor in the main bar area has given way to a beige scheme that makes the place feel a little larger and airier. A smaller dining space can be found to the right of the bar.

This is a very wooden pub, with a mix of banquettes and bar stools. Not a chrome or brass fitting in sight.

The beer choice is pretty good. Four cask pumps offer a couple of safe bets and two more exotic flavours. The kegs are particularly well chosen — although we baulked a little at the >£6 price tag on one American import of just 4.2%.

Food is of the Great British Pub variety, though there's a particular focus on burger, with a large board of all kinds of circular meat out the back.

Its large bay window incorporates a round table that could seat a good 15 or so. There's also a huge outside area for the warmer days, and a real fireplace for the cooler ones.

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Last updated March 2019.


Address: 83 Saint Paul's Road London N1 2LY

Phone: 020 7359 7351

[email protected]


Monday: Noon-Midnight

Tuesday: Noon-Midnight

Wednesday: Noon-Midnight

Thursday: Noon-Midnight

Friday: Noon-Midnight

Saturday: Noon-Midnight

Sunday: Noon-Midnight

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