History | By: N Quentin Woolf

Londonist Out Loud: The East End French

Welcome to the latest episode of Londonist Out Loud, a podcast about London.

N Quentin Woolf is at Town House, in Spitalfields, east London, where he learns about the immigration of religious refugees — the Huguenots — and hears many of their ancestors still visit the area.

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Harry Kidd

Hi, I'm a weekly follower of your podcast. Using it to find places and events to see during my forth coming visit (late September). I found the "East End French" podcast extremely interesting. Mention was made that the Huguenots major emigration was in the 1690s. But they weren't the first - reading Samuel Pepys diary you learn that his wife Elizabeth St. Michel was Huguenot and her parents and brother "Balty" had been in London for some time. I believe her father, like Pepys, was a tailor...

Photo of Elizabeth Pepys memorial in St. Olave's Hart St.