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Londonist Out Loud: A Podcast For London, 8 November 2011

Welcome to the latest episode of Londonist Out Loud, a podcast about London. You can listen in-browser, or subscribe via iTunes or RSS.

News and Views

Londonist Out Loud is presented and produced by N Quentin Woolf. This week, NQW takes a stroll round the outside of the Olympic park with his special guest:

  • Jim Zambrano, founder of Scout, a website and soon-to-be free newspaper about London.

The pair discuss the challenges of launching a new print magazine for the capital, and cover recent news and features about London. Topics include the topped-out Orbit tower on the Olympic park, the secret SAS base, and Olympic security. And then something surprising happens...

After the pair regain their composure, the conversation continues with discussion about police surveillance, the Occupy London camps, squatting, a hotel employing homeless people, London philanthropists, the mayor's mentoring scheme, the Thames Estuary Airport, the 25th birthday of M25

What’s On In London
NQW rounds up the best new exhibitions and shows opening over the coming week.

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Big Brother

I think you might have one extra listener this week.

Pete Stean

Referring to the photo, I took one about a week after that one, and it's actually finished now. The top loop went up incredibly fast! I can't overstate how *huge* it is either - it completely dominates the skyline over Stratford


That security check was a bit mad, the police do like doing that kind of thing don't they. One wonders if they are planning on interviewing everyone in the olympic park next year who is taking photos. I mean, what is more suspicious than an unknown person taking a photo around the Olympic park.


I really dislike the look of this tower, especially the bright red 'scaffolding' - the whole thing would be more appropriate in Blackpool than the Olympic Park.  I really hope no taxpayers' money has gone towards it... if it has then I want my share refunded!!  Shame on whoever gave it the go-ahead!


PS. I can only imagine it was commissioned by the same people who approved the Olympics 2012 logo and merchandising.