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Londonist Out Loud: A Podcast For London, 8 April 2011

This audio has expired. For episode pictures and other Londonist Out Loud material please see here.

After a trial run last month, we're delighted to officially launch the Londonist podcast: Londonist Out Loud, produced and hosted by N Quentin Woolf. You can subscribe on iTunes (see note at bottom of page) or simply press play below.

We'll be releasing a new episode every two weeks via iTunes and directly on Londonist.

In this week's show:

Host N Quentin Woolf is joined in the studio by three guests to pick over the week's news:

  • Swedish artist Maria Von K√∂hler, who has attracted hate mail thanks to her controversial statue of Michael Jackson dangling his baby out of a window.
  • East-end balladeer Ruaridh Anderson.
  • Former Metropolitan police officer and budding author Joe Carpenter.

Discussion includes the recent cuts protests, the slashing of arts funding, London's two Michael Jackson statues, when Arnie met Boris, a film about Dick Turpin, drugs and explosives on the Olympic site, and the best London April Fool's jokes.

N Quentin Woolf then visits the Freud Museum (below), where Director Carol Seigel explains why it will soon be wrapped in hair.

N Quentin Woolf rounds up some of the more intriguing events coming up over the next week, from theatre to music.

Historian Leo Hollis, author of The Stones of London, takes us on a three-minute tour of Leadenhall Market. Find out where to find a barber's shop containing part of the Roman forum.

Ruaridh Anderson sings a catchy tribute to founder of the Salvation Army William Booth, in his ongoing quest to write a weekly song about a character from the East End.

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