Drink, Food | By: N Quentin Woolf

Londonist Out Loud: A Podcast About London, 7 August 2014

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This week's broadcast comes from the hustle and bustle of Feast food festival, which took place at Tobacco Dock last weekend. The seafaring history of the area gives way to the sounds and smells (you'll have to use your imagination for the latter) of the London food and drink industry.  We don't recommend listening on an empty stomach.

Ross Clarke of Dirty Bones London and Lyall Schwass, Korean food expert and co-founder of Jubo in Shoreditch, speak about their experiences at the festival. Floral cocktail expert Christabel Beeson gives the public a chance to "build their own" floral cocktails in her first cocktail bar, and offers  thyme and beetroot tapas alongside the unusual concoctions.

Mel Goldsmith of Smith & Sinclair, who make alcoholic sweets (or cocktail confectionery, to give it its proper name), talks about some of their more popular flavours, including the berry daiquiri sweet, which is coated in pink and black peppercorn.

They are joined by Londonist's own Ben Norum, tucking into some chicken wings.

Londonist is proud (hungry and thirsty) media partner to Feast.

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Show notes by Laura Reynolds.