Video: Dreams Of Love In London

By Zoe Craig Last edited 23 months ago
Video: Dreams Of Love In London

Sometimes you just want the world to stop, so you can lose yourself in a dreamy video of this beautiful city.

If that sometimes is now, check out this film of London at Christmas time, accompanied by a Dumbledoreque narrator moodily opining on dreams and love, and dreams of love.

The film takes you on a whistlestop tour through a day, from sunrise in and around Camden's canals, through Liverpool Street Station, onto the DLR and down to the Thames.

As night falls, the slowmo vignettes are from around the West End: Regent's Street, Carnaby and Covent Garden, as well as Big Ben, the London Eye and Trafalgar Square.

'The soul comes joyful to the eye,' says our narrator. We reckon there's a certain amount of joy to be found here.  

Last Updated 03 March 2017