Uber Vs Taxify... Which One Will You Go With?

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 10 months ago

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Uber Vs Taxify... Which One Will You Go With?

Note: TfL has now stopped Taxify from taking any further bookings in London.

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Taxify is in London. Nope, it's not a new app from HM Revenue and Customs — but the Estonian taxi-ordering app that's positioning itself as a direct contender to the near-ubiquitous Uber.

But can Taxify really makes its mark in a London market, that's already bristling with the likes of Uber, Hailo, Addison Lee... not to mention Uber's arch nemesis, the black cab?

Here's a quick break-down of key facts:

Since 2009, Uber has become not only a household name, but shorthand for Londoners looking to get somewhere fast. While not all those 40,000 drivers are in action right now, the figure dwarfs Taxify's 3,000, and while you'll rarely have trouble getting an Uber to you in five minutes most places in London, a Taxify car might not be so readily available.

Uber has already proved a bane to the black cab industry. Can a similar, smaller competitor really make a dent?

What Taxify DOES have to offer is cheaper prices — around 10% less than Uber's London fares. That's because Taxify is a smaller company (operating in 25 cities as opposed to Uber's 600), and — as the graphic above shows — takes less commission from the drivers.

Then again, you'd predict that if Taxify really wanted to grow its London market, it would have to make some tweaks to its pricing/commissioning strategy.

Maybe we should all take advantage of Taxify while it's relatively small fry...

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Last Updated 08 September 2017

Harry Kobeans

Uber v. Taxify? Neither thanks. I will continue to use black cabs.


Discount Promo Code - 5NZW3 - Also, half the price of Uber in September!


Why does it have to be 'which one'? What's wrong with black cabs, and Private Hire operators who have been working perfectly happily alongside, vetting drivers and checking paperwork in person since licensing came in in 2002? An app doesn't sort out your lost property, or answer the phone (or even have a landline number) ... All smoke and mirrors.