Thunderbirds To 'Take Over' Cable Car

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Thunderbirds To 'Take Over' Cable Car
Fatuous Ariel Branding.

So here's one of the weirder commercial tie-ins we've seen in recent years. The Docklands cable car will be 'taken over' by Thunderbirds to celebrate the launch of a new series of the kids show.

On the one hand, it's brilliant. If we were asked — Family Fortunes style — to name something that dangles from a wire, our first answers would be 'cable car' and 'Thunderbirds puppets'. In that sense, it's the perfect marriage of danglebuddies.

On the other hand... it just doesn't work. First off, this is Thunderbirds Are Go, a modern reimagining of the series that doesn't use puppets (so no dangles). But more importantly, the cable car is going to be taken over by a team who rescue people from perilous situations. What kind of message does that send to already-nervous passengers? It's like screening a compilation of mid-air collisions on a holiday jet.

Transport for London even promises that you'll 'Feel like you are part of the Thunderbirds story'. Which is pretty damn terrifying. Last time a cable car featured in a Thunderbirds story, this happened:

But if you are up for a bit of FAB action, head along to the cable car at Greenwich or the Royal Docks between 22 September and 29 October, where you'll enjoy 'themed terminals and take off to the legendary '5-4-3-2-1' countdown in one of the cabins themed as the Thunderbirds vehicles'. Presumably not the submarine.

We now look forward to Pacific Rim 2 sponsoring the Woolwich Ferry.

Last Updated 11 September 2017