A First Look At The Tube Map, With Added Crossrail

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A First Look At The Tube Map, With Added Crossrail
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With just a year to go until Crossrail officially launches, TfL has unveiled what the tube map is expected to look like once it's up and running.

Photo: Geoff Marshall

It's currently only a draft version of the map, meaning the published one may vary slightly, but shows how the network will appear, come December 2018, when Crossrail is scheduled to be running between Paddington and Abbey Wood, Liverpool Street to Shenfield, and Paddington Main Line to Heathrow Terminal 4.

No doubt a new map will be released in December 2019 when Crossrail services begin running between Reading and Heathrow in the west through the central tunnels to Shenfield and Abbey Wood in the east. At this point, will the tube map we know and love reach as far as Reading?

Last Updated 06 April 2018

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Rob Healy

Looks like they’ve missed T5 from the map...


And what is going on with the Tram network? I know the map compresses distances but I mean, LOOK AT IT!!


The Crossrail map shows the two extensions of the line merging at Whitechapel, whereas the new draft map doesn't indicate this happening until Liverpool Street. This suggests if you live in Whitechapel and want to travel on the southern bit of the Liz Line you'd have to travel into Liverpool Street to do so.


Melvyn Windebank

It looks like this map has been produced by simply overlaying Elizabeth Line with current ( May 2018) tube map and while stations on what is now TFL Rail have had step free access updated the same has not been done to Underground stations like Bromley by Bow, Victoria ( Circle and District lines ) or even Whitechapel all off which are expected to be completed by the time Elizabeth Line opens .

This map does show how the changes made to how the Central Line is shown on the map fit in with opening of Elizabeth Line .

Unless Whitechapel Station is getting four seperate Elizabeth Line platforms the way it is shown on this map is surely wrong ?

Andrew Gwilt

And I guarantee that Reading and Maidenhead will be added to this map when the Elizabeth Line starts a full service from late 2019.


Do you have any map that shows zones? The Evening Standard published a claim that Stratford will become zone 2 only when Crossrail starts, and I can’t find any reference to any rezoning plans. Picture 10 here: https://www.standard.co.uk/...


Stupid questions.. I was supposing it was a single line with two branches estbound and other two westbound... Why it looks like we've to interchange (as the Overground in Clampham) at Liverpook Street and Paddington? It's just a temp solution?

Tom Mackillop

It’s a mess really and they should go back to the original principles and stop trying to pile too much information into too small a space with too much unnecessary visual clutter. Elizabeth is a purple outline for any other reason than to add more graphical noise? or just to fly the flag for TfL Rail? Not needed. The step free access symbols are out of control, outline weights, colours and junctions all over the place. They’re bastardising a masterpiece, try again.

Yuriy Solodkyy

Why is Acton Mainline to the north of North Acton?