These Tube Trains Are About To Disappear Forever

Will Noble
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These Tube Trains Are About To Disappear Forever
Photo: TC378

D Stock trains, the bell tolls for thee.

On 21 April 2017 the remaining boxy vehicles clattered their way along the District line for the final time, before screeching to an everlasting halt.*

The trains were brought into service on 21 January 1980, and have gradually been replaced since 2015, with the air conditioned, walk-through S Stock trains we've become familiar with over the last few years.

New stock (left) faces off with old. Photo: LFaurePhotos

Like the older Bakerloo line trains, D Stock has its retro charm; we adore the audacious squareness of the thing — its cab windows are like a pair of Elton John's specs — and don't get us started on the double pair of transverse seats in the centre of each car.

*There is, however, one final, final chance to board a D Stock train, on 7 May — but it'll cost you. For the price of £50 (£25 for kids), you can ride a special six-car D Stock 755 train along most of the District line, and to Northfields on the Piccadilly line.

What are you memories of riding on D Stock trains? Will you miss them, or is it high time they were replaced?

Last Updated 24 April 2017