The Tube Map... As Seen From A Plane

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 36 months ago
The Tube Map... As Seen From A Plane

And for today's alternative tube map... this:

The very clever @martinbangratz has edited this aerial photo from @djsantero, adding the London tube map along the actual train lines.

The colourful squiggles look more like a toddler's gone rogue with a packet of Krayolas, than the network we know and love.  "Ah the good ol' Northern Line looking like a hot mess. TfL do a great job on the tube map of disguising how it really looks!" says one Redditor.

Indeed, we never noticed quite how much both branches of the actual Northern line between Kennington and Euston resemble a lasso, or how the Bakerloo line kinks so sharply to the west at Baker Street.

Another Redditor points out something that we certainly were aware of: "South East London is very... bare."

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Last Updated 26 June 2018