Someone Proposed On The Train Information Board At Victoria Station

Harry Rosehill
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Someone Proposed On The Train Information Board At Victoria Station

When it comes to popping the (BIG) question, most people choose a stunning romantic backdrop, or a candlelit meal in an uptown restaurant.

So what beats that? Victoria station, of course. Don't believe us? Look below at the heartwarming story of Balraj and Gunni.

Truly touching stuff, although now poor Gunni is going to think of her husband every time her train is delayed. And seeing as this is Southeastern that's gonna be... over 200 times a year? Maybe Balraj should have gone for that romantic meal instead.

It's worth pointing out this isn't the first grand romantic romantic gesture via train information. Take a look at this from Londonist's own Geoff Marshall.

There was also a marriage proposal under the big clock at Waterloo a few years back, again making use of the train information board. The happy couple — Waheed and Zainab — had first met there so it made sense to return. The message up on the screen read:

While you are looking up here Zainab, would you give Waheed your hand in marriage.

Waterloo is actually a popular spot for popping the question, in 2017 Lisle asked his girlfriend Shalisha, again using the information screen. This one read:

Waterloo was where I met by best friend.

It is here that I am proposing to my soul mate.

Shalisha will you marry me?

Lisle got down on one knee and the busy concourse burst into applause. She said yes.

Worth noting that all these cases relate to Victoria or Waterloo. Where's the love for (or at) St Pancras? It's even got a huge statue of two people making out. Alternatively Paddington has a wonderful band to provide a romantic backing track to your proposal. And Euston has... Scratch that, avoid Euston at all costs.

Last Updated 12 September 2018