Seen These Pride Roundels On The Tube?

Will Noble
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Last Updated 25 June 2019

Seen These Pride Roundels On The Tube?

Edward Johnston's world-renowned roundel has had a makeover at tube stations across London.

These special rainbow roundels doff their colourful caps to Pride Month — the international celebration of LGBTQI+ communities everywhere. And let's be honest, they look pretty darn tasty too.

The transgender flag roundel

Joining the Pride roundel (updated to represent the BAME LGBT+ community), is a Trans Pride roundel, plus the all-new Bi Pride roundel. Each roundel takes it colours from flags associated with the communities.

See how many of these you can spot across the network, ahead of the big Pride parade on 6 July (clue: Hammersmith might have some).

The all-new Bi Pride roundel

Staynton Brown, Director of Diversity, Inclusion & Talent at TfL said:

TfL has always been a strong supporter of Pride in London, the LGBT+ community, and everyone who lives in our vibrant and diverse city. We welcome all communities and London is open for all to enjoy – whether you're here to work, study or just enjoy London.

Check out our things to do over Pride Month in London.

The Pride flag flies proud at TfL's headquarters on Broadway

If you happen to be around St James's Park, you'll also notice the Pride flag fluttering from TfL's HQ. Nice touch. Are you watching, Donald Trump?

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