Limited Edition Oyster Cards Launched For 20th Anniversary

Laura Reynolds
By Laura Reynolds Last edited 12 months ago

Last Updated 22 June 2023

Limited Edition Oyster Cards Launched For 20th Anniversary
A limited edition Oyster card being tapped at a tube barrier
Oh HELLO. Image: TfL

A limited edition Oyster card with a special design has been launched to celebrate the smartcard's 20th anniversary.

Hard to believe that we've been tapping our way into the tube, bus and rail network with the little blue cards for two decades now, since 30 June 2003. There have been a few changes to the system in that time, including the introduction of daily capping in 2005 and... oh never mind, you're just here to find out how to get one of those shiny new cards, aren't you?

A limited edition Oyster card being held up in front of a tube station roundel sign
Just think how good that would look in your wallet. Image: TfL

According to TfL, they're available from ticket machines in all London Underground stations in Zone 1, as well as at all Visitor Centres and selected Oyster Ticket Stops in central London. No word on how many of them are available, so we'd recommend getting in there quick if you want a new bit of plastic for your wallet.

The design is a simple one — the same blue background as a regular Oyster card, with a white '20' (with a roundel for the '0') emblazoned across the front, and stripes representing the colours of each of the tube lines and parts of the transport network.

This isn't the first set of limited edition Oyster cards. Special Elizabeth line ones were released last year for the much-awaited launch of that route, and there were London 2012 Olympics designs, among others.