On Board The New TfL Rail Paddington To Heathrow Service

On Board The New TfL Rail Paddington To Heathrow Service

With a new tube map for May 2018, TfL Rail services now run between Paddington through Hayes and Harlington, and down to Heathrow.

We went to catch the first ever 'purple' train (Class 345) in passenger service, and try to get our heads around the service pattern...

To summarise


- Heathrow Express (4 trains per hour, to Terminals 2&3 and then T5)

- Heathrow Connect, USED to run to Terminal 2&3, and then also (if you stayed on) to T5 as well

- There was a Heathrow Express shuttle every 15 minutes between T2&3 and T4.

NOW ...

- Heathrow Express - UNCHANGED - 4 trains per hour, to Terminals 2&3 and then T5)

- TfL Rail, two trains per hour (New Class 345) only as far as Hayes & Harlington

- Old 'Connect' trains (now with TfL Rail badge on them) every half an hour, all the way to T2&3, and then T4.

- TfL Rail shuttle every half an hour between T4 and T2&3, meaning that there is a train every 15 minutes from T4


- Crossrail/Elizabeth line (New Class 345 purple trains) will run 6 trains an hour to T2&3, four will then go to T4, two will go to T5.

- Heathrow Express remains unchanged... for now.

Clear as mud? Excellent.

Last Updated 31 May 2018

Melvyn Windebank

I used the new TFL Rail service yesterday between Paddington Station and Hayes and Harlington Station and had plenty of empty seating !

I sat in one of the bay seats and can say how well seats line up with the windows compared to many other modern trains ...

While waiting to depart Hayes and Harlington I spotted one of the new Class 345 trains passing through probably on a test run to Heathrow Airport as problem that has delayed new trains to the airport is linked to the new signalling system TFL Rail / Elizabeth Line uses so once these have been sorted new trains will replace old Heathrow Connect trains .


Might be of interest to some what provision has been made for luggage? The old Connect had minimal provision and due to the number of stops it was best to get a seat near your bags for security purposes. I suspect most Heathrow travellers will have luggage, but this fact seems lost on transport professionals. Even the HEX caters mainly to business day-trippers (First Class Sir?) - and while the trains themselves have pretty good luggage space (often still inadequate) the platforms at the airport were clearly designed as obstacle courses.

Unmentioned is how a TfL train traveller to LHR gets to T5 - could there possibly be a free service on the HEX that they can use? It would be interesting to see what the best case/worst case scenario (time needed) to travel Paddington to T5 is now. Has it improved with the demise of the Connect or improved? HEX will have worked very hard to make TfL an inconvenient choice

Andrew Gwilt

Could TfL Rail extend to Slough. With GWR providing a commuter stopper service to Reading and Didcot Parkway.