Northern Line Bank Branch To Return Next Week

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Last Updated 09 May 2022

Northern Line Bank Branch To Return Next Week
A tube roundel saying Bank, with an unexpected blue vertical bar
Bank's been a bit of a mess for a while now. Expect better from next week. Image by the author

The City branch of the Northern line is set to reopen on schedule on Monday 16 May.

The Bank branch has been closed since January between Moorgate and Kennington. During those 17 weeks, engineers have been busy finishing off major upgrade work at Bank station that will see trains run through a new section of tunnel and platform.

The works are now complete, and the line will reopen as planned on Monday 16 May.

A sign showing Northern line to the right. Someone has scrawled on "District Line" in marker pen
Finding your way around Bank is not always straightforward. Image by the author

It's not quite the end of the project. Accessibility improvements are also underway, including step-free access to the Northern line platforms and better connectivity to the Central line and DLR. A new entrance on Cannon Street is set to open at the end of the year.

A tube concourse with white and blue arches. Various people are milling about
The embiggened Northern line platforms and concourse. Image TfL

May 2022 is a golden month for London transport, with the Elizabeth line (Crossrail) finally set to open on 24 May.