More 20mph Speed Limits Are Coming To London's Roads

More 20mph Speed Limits Are Coming To London's Roads
a 20mph road sign
Drivers will be noticing more of these. Image: TfL

Four more London roads will have their speed limit reduced to 20mph, as part of TfL's Vision Zero commitment to eliminate death and serious injury on the capital's roads by 2041.

The A10-A503 corridor in Haringey, A13 Commercial Road in Tower Hamlets, A23 London Road in Croydon and A107 corridor in Hackney will all be reduced to 20mph. A new 30mph speed limit will also be introduced on the A10 Great Cambridge Road in Enfield, reduced from 40mph.

That tallies up to about 8.5 miles in total, which — assuming we're correct in thinking London has 9,197 miles of road — is a trifling 0.09%.

TfL isn't stopping there, though. It already introduced a 20mph speed limit on all of its roads within the Congestion Charging Zone, back in March 2020. And, while 50 miles of London's roads are currently 20mph zones, TfL wants to get this up to 130 miles by 2024.

cars driving in and out of the rotherhithe tunnel
TfL wants 130 miles of London's roads to have 20mph limits by 2024. Image: TfL

The news may not be welcomed by all drivers, but the fact is those hit by a vehicle at 20mph are around five times less likely to be fatally injured than at 30mph. Said Will Norman, London’s Walking & Cycling Commissioner:

Sadly over 4,000 people are killed and seriously injured on London's roads every year. This is unacceptable. Lowering speeds is one of the most important things we can do to reduce road danger and make it easier and safer for people to walk, cycle and use public transport.

Works, including the changing of road signage, are due to begin: 21 February (A13 Commercial Road), 28 February (A10-A503 corridor and A23 London Road) and 7 March (A107 corridor). Works on the A10 Great Cambridge Road are already under way.

A blanket 15mph speed limit has already been mooted by the City of London Corporation for the whole of the City of London.

Last Updated 09 February 2022

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