London's Transport Lovers Are Making Their Own Moquette Masks

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 15 months ago
London's Transport Lovers Are Making Their Own Moquette Masks
Tim Dunn sports a vintage Circle line moquette mask. Image: Tim Dunn

With masks now mandatory in many enclosed spaces across the UK, people are starting to wear them as fashion accessories, as well as life-savers.

And it hasn't taken the London transport-loving contingent long to start fashioning their own moquette-themed masks.

A vintage District line moquette mask you can buy on eBay

Londonist favourite Tim Dunn β€” a man who knows a thing or two about trains β€” has recently been sharing his homemade designs on Twitter. Dunn's job involves spending a lot of time on public transport, and he's even made a short video on the importance of wearing face coverings, for the Department of Transport.

A smart Barman design. Image: Tim Dunn

On the Londonist Roundel Ramblings Facebook page, meanwhile, others have been talking moquette masks since June. Here's an effort from Craig Rowley earlier in the year, which looks like it's been fashioned out of actual moquette (hope it's not too itchy, Craig):

"Did someone say moquette facemask?" Image: Craig Rowley

Looking to make your own moquette mask? London Transport Museum does sell moquette fabric by the metre β€” although it's heavy duty stuff, and doesn't make for the ideal face covering.

The way Tim Dunn made his was to upload designs onto a website that lets you make personalised masks. Otherwise, you can find ready-made moquette masks on places like eBay (just shop around for the best price).

Last Updated 27 July 2020