London's Most Stressful Tube Line And Station Have Been Revealed

London's Most Stressful Tube Line And Station Have Been Revealed

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London's most stressful tube station is King's Cross St Pancras.

In news that'll come as no surprise to anyone who travels through the Underground station regularly, new research has given King's Cross St Pancras a stress score of 73.71/100.

It's followed very closely by Stratford (73.65), then Waterloo (66.08), Acton Town (57.62) and Oxford Circus (57.58). The research was carried out by Beeja Meditation, and took into account annual entries and exits for 2017 from TfL's official entry and exit figures statistics, as well as delay minutes for the period 1 November 2017 to 31 October 2018, obtained from a public Freedom of Information request.

The company also compiled a list of the most stressful tube lines to travel on. The Central line topped the list with a stress score of 73.83/100, followed by the Piccadilly (65.53), District (57.94), Northern (52.90) and Victoria (45.22) lines.

Factors such as station closures, number of delays over 15 minutes, and lift availability, along with — and we think this was the clincher for the sweltering Central line — average temperature, were taken into account. All those statistics were sourced from TfL data.

Bad news for west Londoners, as Acton Town was named as the worst station by number of delays, while the District line topped the list for number of station closures. The Waterloo & City line came out worst for lift availability — pretty shoddy when it only consists of two stations.

See the full results of the research on the Beeja Meditation website.

Last Updated 15 January 2020