London City Airport Is Now Letting You Fly With 2 Litres Of Liquid

By Aidan Walsh Last edited 14 months ago

Last Updated 04 April 2023

London City Airport Is Now Letting You Fly With 2 Litres Of Liquid
An array of 100 ml liquids at London City Airport's security lane.
For the first time since 2006, passengers can carry bottles containing up to two litres of liquids. Image: andrewbakerphotography.

Headed to London City Airport for the Easter Holidays? There's some good news involving your liquids.

London City Airport has become the first major UK airport to deploy a new generation of scanners, allowing passengers to pass through security without removing laptops and liquids from their hand luggage — as well as vastly upping the amount of liquid they can carry, to two litres per bottle. Since 2006, only containers of up to 100ml have been allowed — something much begrudged in the travelling community.

Last year, City Airport ran a trial run of the CT security scanners, replacing conventional security X-ray machines with CT scanners, AKA "computed tomography" scanners. As of today (4 April), they're in full-time action.

A security tray with various liquids and a laptop
Image: andrewbakerphotography.

The new technology, provided by Leidos — an American defence, aviation, and information technology company — processes 30% more passengers per hour. Says Alison FitzGerald, the airport's chief operating officer: "The new process delivers a much more efficient security operation with enhanced security screening."

London City Airport may be among the first to adopt the tech in this country, but it's already in use at Amsterdam Schiphol and LaGuardia in New York City. And if you're wondering about Heathrow, Gatwick et al, by June 2024, all UK airports must upgrade to the new system. Hand me the massive shampoo!