New Priority Seating Moquette Coming To The Tube

Harry Rosehill
By Harry Rosehill Last edited 63 months ago

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Last Updated 21 March 2019

New Priority Seating Moquette Coming To The Tube

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It's time to make people take notice of priority seats.

Too often people fail to look up to see if anyone might need the seat they're currently using, playing dumb about the idea of priority seating. No more. New colours and messages are coming to priority seating.

The messages include: 'Someone may need this seat more' and 'Be prepared to offer this seat'.

Expect to see the pattern soon on the Jubilee line. It won't come to all trains, just those in need of refurbishment. If the design is a success, expect to see similar campaigns across other lines in the future, coinciding with train refurbishments.

Marking out the priority seats as obviously different is already done abroad. Toronto's metro has differing colours highlighting priority seats — perhaps this was one source of inspiration for TfL.

TfL has been doing plenty in recent years to make its services more accessible for those who require seating. There was the introduction of the 'Please offer me a seat badge' and Priority Seating Week on the Overground last year.