This Week Is TfL's Priority Seating Week - Here's What That Means

Harry Rosehill
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Last Updated 20 April 2018

This Week Is TfL's Priority Seating Week - Here's What That Means

Today marks the one year anniversary of the launch of TfL's Please Offer Me A Seat badge. To celebrate the anniversary, this week is officially TfL's priority seating week.

Since the badges launched a year ago, over 30,000 have been issued to Londoners with a range of disabilities and illnesses.

Priority seating posters will feature prominently around the transport network this week, along with newly designed priority seating signs. The campaign aims to get more people to give up their seats for those with both visible and non-visible impairments.

The campaign features Dr Amit Patel and his dog Kika, who have struggled to get a seat on public transport previously. Dr Patel has recorded a special announcement that will be played throughout the week.

Amit and Kika

Dr Patel said:

I'm really pleased to see TfL proactively raising awareness about priority seating. Travelling with a disability, whether hidden or not can be challenging, scary and sometimes even disorienting. Not everyone has the confidence to ask for a seat and not everyone will always be wearing a badge either. I would urge my fellow commuters to be more conscious of those around them when travelling, particularly if you're sat in a priority seat, and please be brave, be kind, and offer it to someone who looks like they might appreciate it.