Some DLR Trains Have Now Got Front Seat 'Control Panels' You Can Play With

Some DLR Trains Have Now Got Front Seat 'Control Panels' You Can Play With
A young boy 'driving' the train
Bet they've been hogging this all the way from Lewisham. Image: TfL

The front seat of the DLR has never been so in demand.

As recently promised, TfL has now installed 'control panel' stickers to the front section of 10 DLR trains, so that kids everyone can pretend they're driving the train, even more than they did before.

A young boy and mum on the font seat
Equal levels of enjoyment by the looks of it. Image: TfL

As well as featuring fake buttons, dials, gauges and what-not, each panel has two QR codes, one which has a special Instagram image filter you can use to post pictures of yourself driving, and a second which takes you to a page about improvements being made to the DLR.

If the panels prove popular — and come on, they're going to prove popular — more will be rolled out on existing DLR stock, and possibly the brand new incoming trains, too. There's also the possibility that cardboard 'steering wheels' could be added to further enhance the experience in the future (and please don't be one of those 'but trains don't have steering wheels' pedants).

Oh, and is now a good time to remind you that you can purchase front seat DLR t shirts from the Londonist shop?

A young boy and mum on the front seat of the DLR playing with the control panel
Next stop: cardboard steering wheels? Image: TfL

In less jolly news today (Friday 26 January) for TfL, it's been accused by various EU countries of illegally obtaining the names and addresses of their citizens.

Last Updated 26 January 2024

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