Crossrail Begins Installing One Of London's Largest Ever Artworks

Harry Rosehill
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Last Updated 28 November 2017

Crossrail Begins Installing One Of London's Largest Ever Artworks

Work has begun installing one of London's largest ever permanent artworks. No we're not talking about Crossrail itself — though obviously we view the massive feat of engineering as a masterpiece — but instead the roof at one of Crossrail's stations; Paddington.

This isn't just any old roof. Instead, it's one huge artwork titled A Cloud Index, designed by acclaimed artist Spence Finch.

Finch has hand-drawn 60 panels that combine to create a unique collage of clouds. What's even more special is that as they're printed onto the translucent canopy, they change appearance depending on the light, weather and time of day.

Each individual panel weighs over a tonne hence the heavy machinery involved with installing them. An estimated 25 million passengers are expected to use Paddington station each year, when Crossrail launches in 2018.

Artist Spencer Finch with a model of Paddington station

This isn't the last piece of artwork you'll hear about at a Crossrail station, as the Crossrail Art Programme plans to roll out many more pieces across a line wide exhibition when the service launches.

See a timelapse of the installation below.