How Many Tube Stations Can You Recognise From The Tiles?

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How Many Tube Stations Can You Recognise From The Tiles?

Simple quiz. All of these photographs were taken in tube stations. But which stations? Scroll to bottom for answers, and let us know of other favourites in the comments.

1. Easy one to start

2. A tube rebus

3. Watch your handbag

4. Another tube animal

5. Someone's spilled correction fluid over the modern name

6. Looks banal, but there's a clever twist

7. Rus-sub-urbe

8. OK, this one's tricky

9. Tiled directions

10. Erm...?

11. London's prettiest roundel

Answers below...

All images by M@.

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1. Tottenham Court Road — the famous mosaics of Eduardo Paolozzi, which include the Hubble Space Telescope.

2. Warren Street — hence the labyrinth. One of many site-specific patterns on the Victoria line.

3. South Kensington. The lemur references the animal forms carved into the architecture of the nearby Natural History Museum.

4. Stockwell. Another Victoria line pattern, referencing the old Swan pub across the road from the station.

5. Hampstead. Curiously, the name Heath Street was only ever proposed and never officially used — but there it is in large letters on the platforms.

6. Green Park. The long tunnel between the Jubilee and Piccadilly lines uses grey and blue tiles whose relative proportion changes, to show which line you're closest too.

7. Vauxhall. Yet another Victoria line site-specific image, this time remembering Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens.

8. Aldgate. No story here, we just like the unusual colour combination.

9. Holloway Road.

10. Upminster Bridge. The reversed swastika was once a popular design element. This one was installed in the early 30s, just before the Nazis besmirched the symbol forever.

11. Maida Vale.

There are many other examples out there. What's your favourite?

Last Updated 13 March 2018