Battersea Power Station Station: Weirdest Tube Station Name Ever?

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 64 months ago
Battersea Power Station Station: Weirdest Tube Station Name Ever?

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Cockfosters can breathe a sigh of relief. When Battersea Power Station gets its new Northern line station in 2020, it will be known as Battersea Power Station Station. That's Battersea Power Station... Station. Laughter will ripple down the Thames, and crescendo across the globe at this odd occurrence of transport tautology. It's a bit like when you recall: 'I had had a lot of woo woos that night...'. For you see, this will be a tube station named after a power station. Except that it won't.

TfL isn't keen to be in on the gag, and has dourly stated that the Northern line's 51st/52nd tube station will be known as Battersea Power Station. Of course, that's nonsensical. Like saying Elephant & Station or Mornington Station or Leicester Station (Imagine! A Leicester Station!). Perhaps we should have suspected such grammatical farce from the people who insist any flight of stairs is consistently the equivalent height of a 15 story building.

Image: Geofftech

We wish TfL would embrace the opportunities such an anomaly proffers. Our resident tube genius Geoff Marshall has suggested a special roundel — bearing a super script '2'. Here you go TfL, use this instead (please check with Geoff first).

Maybe it's because we're of the Boaty McBoatface generation. Maybe it's because we're in dire need of a laugh every time we've travelled to the southern reaches of the Northern line. But we'll be touting it as Battersea Power Station Station. All the other tubes have 'Station' affixed to the end, and we don't want this one sold short. Everyone who agrees, shout 'hear, hear'.

Last Updated 07 December 2018