You Can BYOB On This Instagrammable Sightseeing Bus

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You Can BYOB On This Instagrammable Sightseeing Bus

Rooftop gardens are soooo passe. Now it's all about the moving rooftop garden. BYOB ones at that.

The Original Tour has launched a sightseeing bus, fitted with floral trimmings... plus the option to bring a bottle of something nice along for the ride.

While you're snapping away at the sights (including the London Eye, Tower Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral and Piccadilly Circus), you can crack open a bottle of bubbly and raise a toast to the greatest city in the world.

A rather nice way to get a fresh perspective on your city — or introduce a visiting friend. Just don't overdo it on the fizz... there isn't a toilet break.

London Bar Bus runs from now until the end of September, tickets £12-£25 (there's currently a buy-one-get-one-free offer).

Last Updated 25 July 2019