New 100-Metre-Long Moving Walkways Speed Up Bank Interchange

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 18 months ago

Last Updated 13 December 2022

New 100-Metre-Long Moving Walkways Speed Up Bank Interchange
The first passengers to use to new interchange, when it opened on 28 October. Image: TfL

Hot off the heels of an improved interchange at Bank between the Northern line and DLR, a second rejigged interchange — this one between the Central line and Northern line — has been unveiled at the station.

Now, rather than taking a convoluted series of stairs and passageways, you can do much of the trip on two new 100m-long moving walkways, which expedite you between the two lines — in a simpler, less twisty-turny way. New escalators mean there's no need to traipse up stairs, either. (If you want to see the old and new routes side by side, IanVisits has put together a nifty video).

Passengers might've been put out by the prolonged disruption at Bank station, and the Northern line's Bank branch closure as a whole, as sweeping upgrades have been made, but we're now starting to reap the benefits. Overall, capacity at the station — traditionally mocked for its labyrinthine layout — has been increased by 40%.

The two new moving walkways are not Bank station's first: it's had one installed at the exit to the Waterloo & City line since 1960 — making it the oldest in Europe.