Short Courses At UAL: Learn Life-Changing Creative Skills How (And When) You Want

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Last Updated 20 December 2023

Short Courses At UAL: Learn Life-Changing Creative Skills How (And When) You Want

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UAL short courses allow you to learn new creative skills around your hectic schedule.

Want to learn how to make shoes? Fancy yourself as a screenwriter? Or perhaps use your lunch break to fit in a cheeky online architecture class? University of the Arts London (UAL) has the course for you. UAL offers short courses on an incredible range of subjects, led by expert instructors with industry insight. Best of all, their courses are totally flexible. You can fit in learning around your busy London life.

An inspiring range of courses

What do you want to learn? Chances are that UAL short courses have something to tickle your fancy. It doesn't matter if you're pursuing a brand new chapter in your career, or just looking for a fresh hobby. From Fashion Design Projects, to Jewellery Making for Beginners, there are over 1,000 short courses to choose from. Have a search, and find a course to fall in love with.

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Fashion, graphic design, photography, fine arts, creative computing... there are over 1,000 short courses to choose from.

World-class creative education

The short-course instructors at UAL know their stuff; they're usually industry professionals and experienced educators who've been there, done that — and know the latest trends and techniques. Learning is adapted for each short course; like for online classes, where instructors use live demos and interactive Q&A sessions. But although the quality of teaching is very high, UAL is also a real community, and as part of your short course, you'll have the chance to network with like-minded creatives, and hopefully gain new friends. "One of the things that I really like about taking short courses is the friendships that I've developed," says student Benjamin, "There are people that I've met on a five-day course that I still talk to several years later."

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Evening course? Online? Self-paced? The choice is yours!

Flexibility and convenience

Know a Londoner with loads of spare time on their hands? Us neither. But that doesn't mean you don't have time to learn something new. UAL welcomes you to do it your own way — fitting learning around work, personal commitments, and your love of going to the pub/theatre/ballet/football. You can enrol on an evening or weekend course; sign up to do a course online; or do one of the self-paced courses, featuring pre-recorded lessons and a wealth of online resources. No excuses here — UAL short courses fit around you! "It really suited me because I was working during the week," says Elisa, "and it meant I had some time between classes to reflect and practise the things I had learnt."

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Your CV and portfolio will SHINE with sparkling new UAL credentials.

Globally recognised credentials

The name UAL is renowned the world over, and every completed short course earns you globally recognised credentials that'll make your CV and portfolio zing. It's not just about a piece of paper though; you'll come away with unique practical skills that'll help you succeed in whichever industry thrills you most — unlocking new chances, and new chapters, in your professional and personal life. "The course helped me in many of my personal projects and it absolutely helped me in my professional work," says Maria, "It inspired me to try illustration as something separate and unique and I am trying to freelance and practise in this sphere."

Looking for a short course to sink your teeth into in 2024? Check out the list of UAL short courses, and you'll be on an exciting journey in no time.