Get Up Close To The UK's Largest Living Coral Reef Here In London

Laura Reynolds
By Laura Reynolds Last edited 60 months ago

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Get Up Close To The UK's Largest Living Coral Reef Here In London

No need to travel to exotic locations to see a coral reef in action — a 12m-long (40 foot) coral habitat will be unveiled in London in May.

The new Coral Kingdom at Sea Life London Aquarium on South Bank is home to over 1,000 clownfish (Nemo fish, to the Pixar fans among us...), along with archerfish, hermit crabs, regal tangs and cardinal fish.

Situated in a specially designed tank, Coral Kingdom gives visitors a close-up look at a fully-functioning reef habitat, showing the vivid colours of the coral. The underwater kingdom transitions between day and night as visitors walk through, offering an insight into what's going on in our oceans 24 hours a day — no snorkel required.

With coral reefs worldwide dying at a rapid rate due to — among other factors — global warming, it's a great opportunity to see the habitat in action without having to hop on a plane.

Coral Kingdom is due to open at Sea Life London in May 2019, and will be included in admission price. Keep an eye on the website for opening dates and further information.

Last Updated 26 April 2019