Take Part In The Great Willy Waddle 2022

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Take Part In The Great Willy Waddle 2022
A bunch of massive cocks, the likes of which are rarely seen outside the Tory Conference
Image via Orchid

Have you ever wanted to dress up as a giant penis and waddle across the Olympic Park?

Of course you have. And this September sees the perfect opportunity, with the return of the Great Willy Waddle.

The idea is simple: you slip into an inflatable cock then walk or run 2km around the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park with a bunch of likeminded dong impersonators.

The phallic challenge is all in aid of a good cause. You'll be raising money for Orchid, a charity that works on behalf of people with testicular, prostate and penile cancers.

Lots of penises waddle across a bridge

To take part, you must be 16 years or over, raise a minimum of £100 (plus £25 registration fee) and not be afraid of looking like a gigantic wobbly penis.

The event takes place on 15 September 2022, but registration is open now.

And the best bit is that you get to keep your willy costume for all those other occasions in life when a massive inflatable cock might come in handy.

Last Updated 24 June 2022

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