Ramadan And Eid Events In London 2024

Last Updated 16 April 2024

Ramadan And Eid Events In London 2024
Blue balloons hovering over a festival in a shopping centre
Both Westfields host Eid celebrations. Image: Westfield

Ramadan is a worldwide month of of fasting, prayer, reflection and community involvement by the Muslim community, immediately followed by Eid Al Fitr, the 'Holiday of Breaking the Fast'. In 2024, Ramadan is expected to fall on Monday 11 March, ending with Eid Al Fitr on 9 April. Here's our roundup of the big Ramadan and Eid events taking place in London.

Ramadan lights, West End

Ramadan lights
London's Ramadan lights are back for 2024.

2023 saw the inaugural Ramadan illuminations in London's West End (Coventry Street to be precise), which were switched on by London's Muslim Mayor, Sadiq Khan. In 2024, the lights are back, with a slightly different design. Meanwhile, Edgware Road (or more specifically Nutford Place) has its first Ramadan lights — albeit a humble setup.

London Muslim Shopping Festival (24-25 February)

Ahead of Ramadan, ExCeL London hosts the London Muslim Shopping Festival, which is also rolled in with The Halal Dining Show and The Brand New Muslim Travel Show. This is your chance to browse the goods of over 200 exhibitors, from fashion to homeware to halal cuisine.

The Big Iftar (19 March)

An interfaith celebration of Ramadan, The Big Iftar 2024 is held at Middlesex University in Barnet. An Iftar meal (eaten at sunset during Ramadan) is accompanied by prayer, a choir performance and Qur'an recitation. This free event is a good shout for those interested in, but unfamiliar with, Ramadan rituals.

1Eid West London and East London (from 9 or 10 April)

1Eid, a sizeable festival run by volunteers, holds two big Eid celebrations in London, featuring imams and other speakers, plus various funfair attractions and rides:

  • 1Eid West, held in Southall Park: features fireworks, donkey rides, Quran competition and circus workshop (runs Eid Day and the day after).
  • 1Eid East, held in Goodmayes Park: features fireworks, boxing, Quran competition, petting zoo, circus workshop and Quran competitions (runs Eid Day until Sunday 2 July 2024)

London Eid Festival (12-14 April and 19-21 April)

Aerial view of an Eid festival at Westfield
Image: Westfield

Both of London's Westfields give Eid a spin, with London Eid Festival. Described as 'the biggest Eid celebration in the world' — the events, which run one after the other, promise a glut of  fashion, fragrance, food and live entertainment — including comedians, traditional singers, Sufi musicians and DJs. Calligrapher Samir Malik is doing live art installations too. London Eid Festival is free and runs:

  • Westfield London (12-14 April)
  • Westfield Stratford (19-21 April)

Eid in the Square 2024 (20 April)

People crown under Nelson's Column to celebrate Eid
Eid in the Square is hosted on 20 April this year. Image: Greater London Authority/Caroline Teo

Central London's big Eid celebration returns to Trafalgar Square for its 19th year on Saturday 20 April  — quite some time after Eid itself. Eid in the Square features all manner of Muslim singing, dancing, craft and food stalls. A main stage, set up below Nelson's Column, forms the heart of the action.

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