5 Of London's Most Frustratingly Difficult Escape Rooms

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5 Of London's Most Frustratingly Difficult Escape Rooms

This is a sponsored article on behalf of Nowescape.

Think you've got the brains to take on London's toughest escape rooms? Or maybe you've just got clever mates...

We've teamed up with Nowescape to bring you some of the most frustratingly difficult escape games in the capital, and they're enough to make even the brightest of minds squirm — most people can't work their way out without a clue.

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The Book of Secrets

It's New Year's Eve 1999, and master magician Alistair Wilson has completely disappeared. Work with your team to figure out the mysterious circumstances behind his absence, and try and save his infamous 'Book of Secrets' before it's lost forever.

2-7 players | 60 minutes | Find out more

Mission Critical - Double Agent

This one has you travelling through time and space to 1980s Berlin and London. Your mission? To follow the lead of spies who have gone before you, and help identify a double agent.

2-6 players | 60 minutes | Find out more

The Crazy Professor

Mankind is heading for disaster. Can you find the crazy professor's secret virus and escape his study before the time runs out? This one's been carefully designed for small groups with big brain power, making it great for couples on date night.

2-5 players | 60 minutes | Find out more

Plan 52

Four spies have vanished without a trace, and Mr Q has reason to suspect that the evil Professor BlackSheep has helped a double agent cover his tracks. Can you help figure out what's been going on?

3-5 players | 60 minutes | Find out more

Finding Detective Sherlock Holmes

Dr. Moriarty has kidnapped Sherlock Holmes, but the question is, where's he hiding him? Sift through clues and riddles left behind in the room that'll lead you to the secret hideout — if you're sharp enough to solve his twisted puzzles, that is.

2-5 players | 60 minutes | Find out more

Prefer something a bit easier going? Click here to search for escape rooms London-wide — there are plenty more to choose from.

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Easy, right? (The booking process, that is. Not the escape rooms...)

Last Updated 16 April 2018