London Will Be Plunged Into Darkness This Saturday

By Maire Rose Connor Last edited 7 months ago

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London Will Be Plunged Into Darkness This Saturday
Photo: WWF's Earth Hour

From Tower Bridge to Big Ben, London's landmarks look pretty darn magical after the sun sets. Illuminated by bright neon floodlights, from a distance they seem to float above the inky black Thames — but have you ever wondered what the capital would look like without them?

Find out at 8.30pm this Saturday, when Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral, Carnaby Street and plenty more iconic London locations will flick off their light switches for 60 minutes in honour of Earth Hour. Now in its twelfth year, the event is part of a global WWF initiative to raise awareness about about climate change and sustainability — with millions of people around the world expected to take part.

Don't reach for that high-vis vest or head-torch just yet, though. All essential lights will be kept on, so you don't have to worry about crashing into other Londoners. While it might not be totally pitch black, it's nevertheless a unique sightseeing opportunity. Just look at this moody shot of the Houses of Parliament:

Photo: Mike Murphy via Londonist Flickr Pool

Doesn't it make you want to don trench coat and embark on a brooding walk through the city, like a detective from an old film noir flick?

If you don't fancy going out and about, you can always observe Earth Hour at home. Light some candles, have a go at stargazing, or simply take advantage of the reduced light pollution with an extended nap.

Watch last year's lights go out and find out more about Earth Hour's mission in the video below.

Last Updated 28 March 2019