Leadenhall Market Wrapped In Giant Purple Tentacles

Will Noble
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Leadenhall Market Wrapped In Giant Purple Tentacles
Purple octopus like tentacles wriggle around the historic market
Leadenhall Market is one of the few buildings in London with its own Halloween costume.

If you walk by Leadenhall Market this October, do not adjust your peepers. Those really are six-metre-long purple tentacles wriggling out of the windows. Well, inflatable ones, anyhow.

Not many London buildings have their own Halloween costume, but the City of London's Victorian market (aka Diagon Alley if you're into a certain wizard saga) certainly does. Leadenhall Market first donned its monstrous squid-like outfit last October, and clearly received some compliments, because it's wearing the same outfit again.

(Rumours it considered dressing up as Liz Truss this year are unfounded.)

A shelf with a single eye and some 'cubed earwax'
"Two boxes of Cubed Earwax, one jar of Thickest Human Snot... and do you have any Banshee Balls left?"  Image: Hoxton Street Monster Supplies.

While you might struggle to find the rest of the monster's body hiding away in Leadenhall Market, you will find a pop up from Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, here from 5 October-11 November. This emporium of the gruesome peddles the likes of Thickest Human Snot, Extracted Finger Nails and Cubed Earwax, which, let's face it, is going to delight most kids.

giant purple tentacles snaking out of the windows of leadenhall market
How this monster is on two sides of the building we do not know.

A series of spooky guided walks also set off from Leadenhall Market for spooky season — on 5, 12, 19 and 26 October, exploring the more sinister side of the area — think witchcraft, murder and death.

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