The Best Horror Film Screenings In London For Halloween 2022

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The Best Horror Film Screenings In London For Halloween 2022
Backyard Cinema hosts a series of Halloween screenings

Your guide to spooky and scary film screenings in London around Halloween 2022.

Halloween films at Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square

Leicester Square's independent Prince Charles Cinema hosts its Horroctober season once again. It's (more than) a month of scary films, and as you'd expect from the cinephiles who run the place, it's not just the obvious flicks. Sure, The Omen, The Shining, The Exorcist and Night of the Living Dead are on the bill, but so are lesser-known movies, such as 1982's Basket Case, and 1998 release, The Faculty, about a high school newspaper photographer, who witnesses the murder of a nurse, but then sees her alive again...

The A Nightmare On Elm Street and Scream series are each given their own marathon screenings, and closer to Halloween, a Classic Horror Marathon runs on Saturday nights.

Horroctober at Prince Charles Cinema, runs late September-early November 2022.

Halloween films at Backyard Cinema,Wandsworth

It's normally decked out in tropical paraphernalia for summer, or snow and icicles for winter, but between the two, Backyard Cinema squeezes in a Halloween season. Head for the big top style circus tents in Wandsworth for a programme of what many would consider to be the tamer end of the horror genre — think Hocus Pocus, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Beetlejuice, with Scream thrown in for slasher fans.

Halloween at Backyard Cinema, 14-31 October 2022.

Halloween films at Rivoli Ballroom/ Crofton Park Pictures

Before Rivoli Ballroom was a dancing venue, this building was the Crofton Park Picture Palace. It stays true to its cinematic heritage with Crofton Park Pictures, a regular series of film screenings, including a Halloween selection.

Pick from A Clockwork Orange, Little Shop of Horrors, Beetlejuice, Carrie, Ghostbusters, The Shining, Hocus Pocus, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The venue has two bars, and popcorn, ice cream and hot dogs are available to nosh on.

Halloween at Crofton Park Pictures, 22-28 October 2022.

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