Could You Conquer The Crystal Maze? Find Out At This Incredible Immersive Experience

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Could You Conquer The Crystal Maze? Find Out At This Incredible Immersive Experience

This is a sponsored article on behalf of The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience.

Fans of cult 90s TV, rejoice! The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience has restarted its fans after months of lockdown — inviting Londoners to once again don those iconic satin boiler jackets and battle their way through time and space to The Crystal Dome.

If you read that and feel a little lost, here's a quick primer: back in the halcyon days of 2015 a crowdfunding campaign to create an immersive playground inspired by the wildly popular game-show The Crystal Maze smashed its target. And so, The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience was born — a playable theatre adventure complete with themed adventure zones, a Maze Master to guide you and, natch, plenty of mental and physical challenges along the way.

With COVID-19 safety measures  — including masks provided by the venue, enhanced cleaning and reduced capacity— in place, The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience is ready to welcome teams of up to six players to its sprawling Shaftesbury Avenue location this autumn. Just remember to register your team as a single booking and turn up 30 minutes early for briefing and to limit your contact with other teams, and the venue will take care of the rest.

What's more, thanks to its new Six Appeal offer, you can enjoy The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience for less — with the sixth person in each group playing for free if you book by late October.

Perfect for birthday parties, stag and hen dos, or when you and the gang just feel like doing something a bit different, this nostalgia trip offers 75 minutes of frantic, fabulously silly fun across four themed zones. The production values here are truly epic — one minute you'll be exploring the ruins of an ancient civilisation, the next dodging lasers, Resident Evil-style (try not to get cubed!)

Guided by your very own Maze Master, you and the team will dash across a labyrinth of industrial, futuristic, medieval, and Aztec zones before the grand finale of The Crystal Dome. Along the way, you'll encounter four different types of challenges, just like the contestants on the TV show. Mental challenges test your memory and mind, while those in the Mystery category put your problem-solving skills under the microscope. Got more brawn than brain? The Physical and Skill categories, which challenge your strength, agility and hand-eye coordination might be more up your street.

As with the game show, each successful challenge wins the team a crystal, which converts to precious seconds inside The Crystal Dome. Your final task is to collect as many gold tokens within the dome as possible with your accrued time.

But it won't be easy: once the cries to 'start the fans' begin, grabbing ahold of those shimmering beauties becomes fiendishly tricky. Grab enough, though, and your team could make it onto the venerated leaderboard.

Reckon you and your mates have what it takes to crack The Crystal Maze? Register your team here, and get ready for a high-octane and utterly immersive nostalgia-fest.

Last Updated 22 September 2020