Time Travel Back To 17th Century London - With This Royalist Reenactment Along The Mall

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Time Travel Back To 17th Century London - With This Royalist Reenactment Along The Mall
the King's Army parade down the Mall in funeral costume
This is the 50th time that The King's Army commemorate the execution of Charles I.

30 January marks a grim date in the annals of London history; on this day in 1649, King Charles I was led from St James's Palace to Banqueting House on Whitehall, in front of which he was beheaded, thus drawing a gory line under the English Civil War.

For the past 49 years, The King's Army — a royalist branch of the English Civil War Society — has commemorated what they call "His Majestie's horrid murder", and on Sunday 30 January 2022, they return for their 50th parade.

The full-costumed march — think dozens of volunteers in royalist costumes, mounted troops and weapons — traces the short final journey of the King, as he was escorted to the scaffold.

a 17th century print showing the execution of the kind on a platform outside banqueting house, surrounded by onlookers
A (somewhat gruesome) contemporary German print of the execution of Charles I outside Banqueting House. Image: public domain.

The reenactment group sets off from near St James's Palace, down the Mall in period funeral dress at around 11am, proceeding to Horse Guard's Parade for a commemorative service — in which a wreath is laid at Banqueting House — ending around 1pm. (It's a well-known, if disputed piece of London trivia that a black mark at 2pm on the clock above Horse Guards signifies the the time that the axe fell on Charles' neck.)

Then, the army — now changed into battle dress — retrace the route back to St James's Palace, beating drums, flying the King's colours and proclaiming their loyalty to him.

A group of royalists in 17th century costumes raise their pikes in central London
Om 30 January, central London time travels back to 1649.

Wherever your own monarchist loyalties lie, this is a chance to experience a touch of time travel in central London — and it's free, too. If you really are a dyed in the wool republican, you can always feast on a calve's head instead.

March in Commemoration of Charles I, starts on the Mall around 11am, Sunday 30 January, free

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