An Illustrated Calendar Of London's Barmiest Annual Events

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 16 months ago

Last Updated 19 December 2022

An Illustrated Calendar Of London's Barmiest Annual Events
A calendar of esoteric London events, arranged on a tree formation
© Adam Dant. Click to enlarge

Calendars. Last year they were as much use as a chocolate lateral flow test, but now we're getting back into them.

Uber-talented illustrator Adam Dant has created this arboreal calendar of quirky London events, featuring Oak Apple Day (which celebrate Charles II shunning up a tree), the barmy Swearing on the Horns, Lammas Day at Borough Market (where whopping great loaves of bread are blessed), and the Tower of London's non-existent Washing of the Lions (it's on 1 April). Lordy, London is weird.

Charles II poking his head out of an oak tree
Oak Apple Day features on the calendar, which gives us an excuse to dust off one of our favourite Photoshop jobbies

As you peruse Dant's magnificently cluttered handiwork, remember not to use it verbatim: certain dates do shift around.