Walk Through A Wardrobe And Watch Christmas Films Inside A Secret Snow Kingdom

By Maire Rose Connor Last edited 37 months ago

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Walk Through A Wardrobe And Watch Christmas Films Inside A Secret Snow Kingdom

Backyard Cinema has moved into its magical new Wandsworth venue for the winter. The recently-converted Capital Studios (which — fun fact — once housed Ready Steady Cook) has been transformed into something of a Narnia for film buffs, complete with an enchanted forest, icy passages, and a through-the-wardrobe style entrance.

The winter season is split into two parts: it begins with the Winter Night Garden, a woodland-themed, fairy light-strewn hideaway screening big blockbusters (Aladdin, A Star Is Born), cult classics (True Romance, A Princess Bride), plus plenty of festive offerings, once the countdown to Christmas begins.

Then, from 1 November, step inside The Snow Kingdom — that is, if you can find the hidden entrance that leads to the secret subterranean passageway, navigate the magic ball pit river, and remember the password that gets you entry. Once that's all done, simply plonk yourself down on a giant beanbag in front of that night's Christmas classic.

You'll be in need of some festive snacks to go with your favourite films. Grab some seasonal offerings from Honest Burger and Mother Clucker out in The Yard. There's also talk of mulled wine and boozy hot chocolate at The Studio Bar, which brings added holiday cheer via its resident carol singers.

Backyard Cinema, Capital Studios, 13 Wandsworth Plain, SW18 1ET. Tickets from £18.99.

Last Updated 28 October 2019